Pharmacy Student Enjoys Living in On-campus Apartments

  Class of 2016 student pharmacist Jenny Byerly writes

      about the convenience of living on campus

If someone were to ask me what it’s like to live in East Apartments, I would say that it is a great place to stay focused with school.  The East Apartment complex provides a couple of different types of apartments, such as single, double, and four-person apartments.  I personally live in a four-person apartment with three of my classmates.  We each have our own bedroom and share a bathroom with one other person in the room.  We have a spacious kitchen and a decent size living room as well.  Also, East provides us with two study rooms on each floor for all the residents to use.  East is located right across the street from the Pharmacy building, which makes it easy to return to school if something goes wrong with your computer or if you have a question for a professor after class.  Living with other students in my class is also beneficial because it allows us to collaborate on assignments and help each other study for exams.  Overall, living in East has been a great experience.

Jenny's living room in the East Apartments

Jenny’s living room in the East Apartments

Jenny's kitchen

Jenny Byerly Class of 2016

Jenny Byerly Class of 2016

Extra information:  Graduate students have first choice of the East Apartments.  If you would like more information about living in the East Apartments, please contact Stacie Geise or Dr. Susan Gardner in the Office of Student and Professional Affairs.