UCSOP Flood Relief with the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association


A cat at the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association receives respiratory treatment in a nebulizing chamber

In the wake of the recent floods, countless people around the Kanawha area have needed help and many have volunteered to assist with clean up and medical care. But a group that is often forgotten in crisis situations is pets. On June 29th, a group of UCSOP faculty and students including Dr. Sarah Embrey Dr. Cassie Legari, Dr. MIchelle Knight, Kendra Hall (Class of 2019), and UCSOP interns Killian Rodgers and Dawnna Metcalfe went to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association to help out in this time of need.



Intern Dawnna Metcalfe prepares a syringe to help cats with respiratory issues

The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association (KCHA) operates a shelter and animal hospital just outside of Charleston near Yeager Airport. They have over 100 kennels for dogs and house many cats as well. In addition to providing shelter, food, and medical care for pets in need, they work to fight animal cruelty in Kanawha county and help reduce the pet overpopulation issue through Trap-Neuter-Return programs. As a humane society, they try to save every animal they can and pair them up with a loving family to provide them a forever home.

Since the floods however, they have been inundated with new arrivals. Many are pets who are currently separated from their owners but many are also newly strayed and will need forever homes as well.


A dog at KCHA awaits her dewormer

The team from UCSOP helped the veterinary staff at KCHA, led by University of Charleston Alumn, Dr. Jamie Totten, prepare medications, administer medications, and get a census of some of the dogs and cats. Many cats at KCHA were in need of respiratory care so Dr. Embrey and the UCSOP summer interns helped prepare dozens of syringes with necessary medications. In addition, the interns and a P2 student helped to deliver deworming medication to over 60 dogs.

Both the people and the pets at KCHA were very happy and grateful for the help, even the dogs that weren’t too happy about taking their medication. But there is still plenty more that needs to be done! Below are some links for how you can help out KCHA and the pets of Kanawha county:

If you are interested in adopting click here to find out about the process of providing a pet with their forever home.

If you are interested in volunteering or fostering an animal click here.

If you would like to donate money click here.

If you are in the area and would like to donate some supplies click here for a list of what they need most.

If you are a medical professional or work in a medical environment- the veterinary staff at KCHA are in desperate need of equipment like syringes, if you have any that you are willing to donate (expired equipment is OK) please click here for contact info on how to get that to the right people.

Contributed by: Killian Rodgers and Dawnna Mecalfe


Pharmacy Professor to be Inducted as an ACCP Fellow

The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy is proud to announce that Dr. Kristy Lucas, a Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the UCSOP, will be inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) during the upcoming ACCP Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy. Dr. Lucas will be honored at a recognition dinner and induction ceremony, celebrating her achievement with fellow colleagues. This international meeting will be held from October 17-21st in San Francisco, California.

Dr. Kristy Lucas


“ACCP has afforded me many opportunities to interact with and work alongside the highest caliber clinicians and national leaders within the profession of pharmacy. I am truly honored to be recognized as a peer and a Fellow among this honorable group, and humbled to be elected into this elite cohort.”- Dr. Kristy Lucas


The ACCP is a professional and scientific society that provides leadership, education, advocacy, and resources that allow clinical pharmacists to excel in practice and research. ACCP has numerous benefits for its members, ranging from an extensive networking platform, preparation for board certifications, to a professional reference journal, Pharmacotherapy: The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy . ACCP’s purpose is to advance human health and champion the advancement of clinical pharmacy. Becoming a Fellow in the ACCP is quite an honor, as is the highest award that ACCP can bestow upon its members, and fewer than 3% of the 15,000 ACCP members are ever awarded this designation during their career. In the state of West Virginia, there are only five pharmacists with this distinction. “Fellowship in the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (FCCP) recognizes excellence in the practice and science of clinical pharmacy. Fellowship is awarded to individuals who have made sustained contributions to the College and who have demonstrated exceptional performance in clinical pharmacy practice and/or research” (ACCP).

The awarding of Fellow status is nomination based, and Fellow candidates undergo a comprehensive evaluation of their service to the College and their practice and research accomplishments. Dr. Lucas has been a member of ACCP for 17 years, the duration of her professional pharmacy career. Her extensive qualifications range from coordination of school-wide ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge competitions (participating since the inception of this program), founding and co-advising a student chapter of ACCP at the UCSOP, committee membership within PRNs (practice and research networks) within ACCP [serving as a member of the Adult Medicine Practice and Research Network (2000 – 2006),  Ambulatory Care Practice and Research Network (2010 – present), Cardiology Practice and Research Network (2010 – present), as well as the Practice Based Research Network since its inception in 2010], being appointed to a national Task Force on Communicating the Value of Clinical Pharmacists, and moderating a session on Expanding the Scope of Clinical Pharmacy at a national meeting.

Dr. Lucas is a great example of the highly qualified and distinguished members of the UCSOP faculty. These faculty members are what help make the UCSOP program so successful at educating the future pharmacy and community leaders of tomorrow.

Contributed by: Isabella White, blogger and UCSOP Graduate Intern

UCSOP Students Declare Their Favorite Activities in the Charleston Area (Part 1)

In the same unscientific survey where some UCSOP students reported their favorite Charleston area food options, they also listed some of their favorite activities.  So if you are thinking that Charleston is too small to offer any fun, think again, and check out this list of favorites.  Unlike the food, most of the time there were so many different answers, there was not a clear winners in the categories, so here is an overview of some of the favorites. And if you have a favorite that we have missed, leave us a comment.

Again, before checking out this list, there is something that you have to understand about Charleston, WV.  When talking about the city of Charleston, people often include surrounding areas in that conversation.  So when asked for favorites, students automatically included activities from surrounding areas.  So check out all the fun, and maybe rethink your impression of Charleston, WV!  As with the food post, we are also including some faculty and staff favorites here as well (yes, faculty and staff like to have a fun too!).  Part 2 of this post will cover favorite local events, weekend getaways, sports, and live music.

Favorite Outdoor Activity

This list included a variety

of year-round activities, including skiing, hiking, playing tennis, riding motorcycles and ATVs, zip-lining, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and participating in a variety of activities on Magic Island.  Live on the Levee is a series of free concerts in the summer on the river bank in downtown Charleston, and is also a faculty favorite.  All summer long there are a variety of musical acts every Friday night, with plenty of places to pull up a chair, food trucks for dinner or snacks, and just a short walk to some other Charleston favorites, such as Taylor Books and Ellen’s Ice Cream on Capital Street.  Many of these activities take place in the large variety of parks and wooded areas around Charleston, such as Kanawha State Forest, which is great for picnics, Frisbee, walking, studying, and has hiking and biking trails, as well as a pool.  And the students did not even mention white water rafting – a WV staple for summer and fall fun.  Try rafting the New River if you are a novice or the Gauley River if you are more experienced.   Playing golf is a faculty and staff favorite.  For those of you that have kids, I have included a like to a USA Today article about fun with kids in Charleston, but it highlights some of our student favorites also.  I guess when it comes to fun we are all just big kids!






3rd Floor Administrative Assistant Marea Dodd learning to golf.

3rd Floor Administrative Assistant Marea Dodd learning to golf.

A great shot of the crowd and the boats at Live on the Levee.

A great shot of the crowd and the boats at Live on the Levee.

Faculty member Ron Ramirez and his wife having fun at Live on the Levee.

Faculty member Ron Ramirez and his wife having fun at Live on the Levee.

Staff member Erika Riggs and her family are preparing to go zip-lining.

Staff member Erika Riggs and her family are preparing to go zip-lining.

Favorite Place to Shop

Student tending to gravitate toward shopping at area malls, including the Charleston Town Center Mall, the Huntington Mall (it is really in Barboursville), Beckley’s Crossroads Mall, as well as downtown and Corridor G shops.  Corridor G is a road that head south from Charleston into the coal fields of WV, but at the Charleston end has many shops and restaurants, including Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowes and Home Depot, Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Marquee Cinemas, Red Lobster, Long Horn, Olive Garden, O’Charley’s, and many others, all in different shopping plazas.  So you may hear people direct you to Corridor G, Southridge, Ashton Place, Dudley Farms, but it is all the same general area.  There are also hotels in that area if you are coming for a visit.  The Charleston Town Center is an excellent mall that has a variety of shops, including Macy’s, JCPenney, Sephora, Coach, White House Black Market, local cell phone providers, a bank, several restaurants and a food court, just to name a few.




Favorite Weekend Hangout

Once again the favorite hangouts included a variety of locations, including movies, coffee shops, the pool, and the mall.  Local independent bookstore Taylor Books is a student and faculty favorite.  They have coffee, beer and wine, desserts, quiche in Sundays, live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and an exhibit of local art.  Oh yeah, and some comfy seating for reading.  Below are links to Taylor Books’ Facebook page, Waves of Fun pool and water park, which at least one student specifically noted as a favorite weekend hangout (located in Hurricane, WV), and Moxxee Coffee.




Dr. Anne Teichman and her family enjoy spending time at the Kanawha City Pool, which is not far from the UC campus.

Dr. Anne Teichman and her family enjoy spending time at the Kanawha City Pool, which is not far from the UC campus.