Destination.Pharmacy Week – Final Day

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We’ve made it to the end of Destination.Pharmacy Week at the UCSOP.  We thank you for joining us throughout this week and hope you enjoyed hearing from our Faculty, Student Pharmacists and Alumni.

Today, we have two final videos to share with you today.  The first video features Dr. Jessica Robinson,  a practicing pharmacist and faculty member within our Pharmacy Practice Department.  She will be sharing the details on the UCSOP Fellows Program.

The Fellows Program is a scholarship and leadership development program for student pharmacists. This opportunity is awarded up to 10 students in the incoming pharmacy class each year. These students have demonstrated potential to achieve outstanding leadership and success in our program. The Fellows opportunity offers a maximum of a $15,000 scholarship annually to each fellow.  The scholarship is renewable for up to three years if a student meets all requirements while in the program.


The second video is from Dr. David Latif, Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences.  He is sharing information on the UCSOP’s PharmD/MBA dual degree program.

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Destination.Pharmacy Week – Day 4

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We’ve made it to day 4 of Destination Pharmacy Week.

On Monday we shared different career opportunities a student can purse as a pharmacist. Tuesday and Wednesday, we shared a bit about our curriculum and ways we prepare our students to be successful through an emphasis on innovation and leadership. Now today, we are sharing the success students find after graduation.

Over the last few years, we have seen 60% of our students practice in a community setting, 20% practice in a clinical or hospital setting and over 20% earn competitive PGY1 residencies.

Today’s first video features both Dr. Cassie Legari & Dr. Sarah Embrey.  Both are practicing pharmacists and faculty members within the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the UCSOP.  In this video they are sharing their insights on residencies.

As mentioned before, our graduates have had success obtaining competitive residencies and fellowships over the years.   Two recent graduates are Class of 2017’s Dr. Katie Oliver and Dr. Celine Quevillon.  Check out their video updates on what they have been doing since graduation:



Destination.Pharmacy Week – Day 3

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At the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy (UCSOP), illustrations of innovation are becoming a consistent part of our identity. Our focus is on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging students to develop ideas, compete for funding, and launch viable, successful products and businesses.

The Russell and Martha Wehrle Innovation Center is a supportive platform in which the UC community, including the student pharmacists, faculty and staff at UCSOP, can explore new measures and methods, ignite creativity, and promote inspiration. The Innovation Center acts as a hub and area of inspiration as its two main areas of focus are to support students in their dreams of creating new ideas, and providing the resources needed to build a business.

Today our Student Pharmacists, Faculty and Staff will participate in the University of Charleston’s annual I-3 ((Ideas, Invention, Innovation) Innovation Showcase.  Be sure to follow along on Facebook as we stream live throughout the day.

At the UCSOP, we are also training our students to become great leaders.  Students have many opportunities to take on leadership roles through student organizations and the Pharmacy Student Governance Association.

Today’s featured videos are from current Student Pharmacists Leila Fleming, Class of 2019 and Loic Noubossie, Class of 2018.  Leila will be talking about her experiences with innovation, while Loic talks about his former role as a student leader.

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Destination.Pharmacy Week 2018 – Day 2

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It is Day 2 of Destination.Pharmacy Week!

Today we taking a closer look at what classes students take throughout our PharmD program.  Our Doctor of Pharmacy program is a 4-year program in which students spend the first three years in the classroom.  Their fourth year is then spent outside of the classroom, completing various rotations.

The overall goal of the curriculum is to develop a competent, highly engaged, generalist practitioner who can successfully practice pharmacy at an entry-level.  Our curriculum emphasizes the management of disease states and the assurance of quality of care. The curriculum is also designed with a comprehensive focus on patient care, medication therapy management, and disease management.

To see our full curriculum, click here.

To give you more insight, we have two special videos to share today.  These videos feature faculty members from the UCSOP’s Department of Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences: Dr. Rebecca Linger and Dr. Aymen Shatnawi.

In addition to the regular curriculum, each year students select an elective to take.  One popular elective offered is Dr. Linger’s Ethnopharmacology of Appalachia.  To give you an idea why it is so popular, and what this course is all about, watch the video below:

In the third year, our students take a course in Pharmacogenomics and Medical Genetics. You may be wondering, what exactly is pharmacogenomics?  Check out Dr. Shatnawi’s video below to find out:


For the chance to see a live class, be sure to follow the UCSOP on Facebook. We will be going live from various classes throughout Destination.Pharmacy Week.


Destination.Pharmacy Week 2018 – Day 1

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Welcome to Day 1 of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy’s Destination.Pharmacy Week! We are starting this week by highlighting a few of the many career paths one can take as a pharmacist.

Today’s videos feature two faculty members, Dr. Michelle Knight and Dr. Michaela Leffler.  Dr. Knight will be talking about careers in pharmacy and the expanding role of a pharmacist.  Dr. Michaela Leffler, who is also a graduate of the UCSOP, will be talking about clinical pharmacy.


Have you thought about what path in pharmacy you would like to pursue?

To explore even more pharmacy career opportunities and learn why pharmacy may be the perfect career for you, visit:

At the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy, we are preparing our students for all paths.  Our graduates find success right after graduation whether in a community pharmacy, a clinical setting, or even by earning competitive residencies and fellowships.

For more information about how the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy can help you on your journey to becoming a great pharmacist, please contact us at 304-357-4889, or visit our website: