Destination.Pharmacy Week – Final Day

Destination Pharmacy Week Logo

We’ve made it to the end of Destination.Pharmacy Week at the UCSOP.  We thank you for joining us throughout this week and hope you enjoyed hearing from our Faculty, Student Pharmacists and Alumni.

Today, we have two final videos to share with you today.  The first video features Dr. Jessica Robinson,  a practicing pharmacist and faculty member within our Pharmacy Practice Department.  She will be sharing the details on the UCSOP Fellows Program.

The Fellows Program is a scholarship and leadership development program for student pharmacists. This opportunity is awarded up to 10 students in the incoming pharmacy class each year. These students have demonstrated potential to achieve outstanding leadership and success in our program. The Fellows opportunity offers a maximum of a $15,000 scholarship annually to each fellow.  The scholarship is renewable for up to three years if a student meets all requirements while in the program.


The second video is from Dr. David Latif, Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences.  He is sharing information on the UCSOP’s PharmD/MBA dual degree program.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: 304-357-4889 or

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