Destination.Pharmacy Week – Day 4

Destination Pharmacy Week Logo

We’ve made it to day 4 of Destination Pharmacy Week.

On Monday we shared different career opportunities a student can purse as a pharmacist. Tuesday and Wednesday, we shared a bit about our curriculum and ways we prepare our students to be successful through an emphasis on innovation and leadership. Now today, we are sharing the success students find after graduation.

Over the last few years, we have seen 60% of our students practice in a community setting, 20% practice in a clinical or hospital setting and over 20% earn competitive PGY1 residencies.

Today’s first video features both Dr. Cassie Legari & Dr. Sarah Embrey.  Both are practicing pharmacists and faculty members within the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the UCSOP.  In this video they are sharing their insights on residencies.

As mentioned before, our graduates have had success obtaining competitive residencies and fellowships over the years.   Two recent graduates are Class of 2017’s Dr. Katie Oliver and Dr. Celine Quevillon.  Check out their video updates on what they have been doing since graduation:



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