Destination.Pharmacy Week – Day 3

Destination Pharmacy Week Logo

At the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy (UCSOP), illustrations of innovation are becoming a consistent part of our identity. Our focus is on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging students to develop ideas, compete for funding, and launch viable, successful products and businesses.

The Russell and Martha Wehrle Innovation Center is a supportive platform in which the UC community, including the student pharmacists, faculty and staff at UCSOP, can explore new measures and methods, ignite creativity, and promote inspiration. The Innovation Center acts as a hub and area of inspiration as its two main areas of focus are to support students in their dreams of creating new ideas, and providing the resources needed to build a business.

Today our Student Pharmacists, Faculty and Staff will participate in the University of Charleston’s annual I-3 ((Ideas, Invention, Innovation) Innovation Showcase.  Be sure to follow along on Facebook as we stream live throughout the day.

At the UCSOP, we are also training our students to become great leaders.  Students have many opportunities to take on leadership roles through student organizations and the Pharmacy Student Governance Association.

Today’s featured videos are from current Student Pharmacists Leila Fleming, Class of 2019 and Loic Noubossie, Class of 2018.  Leila will be talking about her experiences with innovation, while Loic talks about his former role as a student leader.

Remember to follow along on Facebook as we stream live throughout I-3 Day.

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