Student Pharmacists Focus on Our Community

Contributed by: SSHP

American Pharmacists Month is a time when we as student pharmacists advocate for our profession and educate the community about services we can offer. In October, the Student Society of Health System Pharmacists (SSHP) at the University of Charleston decided that the best way to teach the community about our role, is to show them! From day care centers to a local market in Charleston, we found ways to give back to our community.


Our first event of the month was in collaboration with the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the UCSOP Class of 2020. Student pharmacists were providing blood pressure and blood glucose screenings for visitors of the Charleston Town Center during “White Coats at the Mall.” In addition to the health screenings, we provided information about diabetes, flu vs cold, and heart health!



Next, we had our first Capitol Market health fair. Each month, our SSHP chapter will go to Capitol Market to educate their customers on the disease state that is recognized nationally. During October, we focused on breast cancer. We provided blood pressure screenings, general information about breast cancer and mammography, and pink ribbons that were handmade by P3 Eirini Fallieros. Rajveer Kaur, P1, said the most meaningful part of the health fair to her was when a customer was influenced by our information about mammography and inquired about where to get testing done. “When there is early detection of breast cancer, the cure rate is much higher, and it can be found early through routine mammograms. It’s a great feeling knowing that we could have made the difference for that person.” We will continue our monthly visits to Capitol Market in November when we talk about diabetes awareness and provide blood glucose screenings.

We ended our month of community service with a young and adorable crowd! SSHP members went to the Sacred Heart Center in Charleston to teach kids that flu shots aren’t scary. Each child was given a teddy bear and a (needleless) syringe so they could give their new furry friend a fake flu shot! This was a fun way for students to teach kids the importance of getting themselves vaccinated to protect against illnesses.

We as student pharmacists are committed to public service, and there was no more satisfying way to spend our American Pharmacists Month than by giving back to the citizens of Charleston.

Sara Yagodich

President, SSHP

Class of 2019

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