Making A Mark in Pharmacy: George F. Archambault

George Francis Archambault was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on April 29, 1909 and died on January 1, 2001. After working for a local pharmacy in Springfield he decided to take his career a step further and attend the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy where he completed his curriculum of study to receive his graduate of pharmacy (PhG). Along with his pharmacy degree he ascertained his candidate of philosophy (PhC) degree a few years later. Focusing heavily on education he taught for a few years at the Massachusetts College before moving on again with his life goals. Following this path into higher education he went to Northeastern University and graduated with his juris doctor degree (JD).

Following his completion of the many educational endeavors he embarked upon, Mr. Archambault then took a pharmacy position at the U.S. Marine Hospital where he taught pharmaceutics and compounded different products for his fellows in the marines and coast guard. Following these periodicals of his life, he was then commissioned to the Public Health Service and later given the title of Chief of the Pharmacy Branch of the Public Health Service Division of Hospitals. The Office of the Surgeon General named him Pharmacy Liaison Officer. While in the Public Health Service he was a consultant on Medicare and as one knows Medicare is important today for pharmaceutical reimbursement and is constantly changing with guidance from consultants such as Mr. Archambault. He wrote many rules and regulations that govern both Medicare and Medicaid.

Mr. Archambault was heavily active in many organizations and was the founder of a few that are still around today. He was a founding member of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacist and the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP). The title “the father of consultant pharmacy” is often used when addressing his name because he founded the organization and through his years he consulted countless organizations, programs, and persons. An award has since been placed in his name for consultant pharmacist due to his undeniable presence in ASCP. Mr. Archambault was an officer and president of the American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) were they now honor him with a scholarship dedicated to him for his lifetime career in pharmacy and service to the profession.

After retirement Mr. Archambault went on to become the dean of the University of Florida’s Pharmacy School. He brought his life full circle with education. Not only did he educate himself but he also educated others throughout his entire life. Educating the next generation of pharmacist is an achievement in itself because it creates a new crop of individuals who can better serve the world through his experiences and knowledge. Along with education he continued down the consultant path still and consulted organizations such as the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) who are still in existence today and have a heavy influence in rural states such as West Virginia were mining is so prevalent.



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