UCSOP ExRx 2017 Bootcamp Expanding its Impact

The kickoff of summer at UCSOP means another successful year of preparation and carrying out of the annual Experience Pharmacy Bootcamp event. From June 20th-23rd, over 50 students explored a wide range of career opportunities based primarily on the academic track they are or will be pursuing. For the first time in the camp’s history, UCSOP teamed up with the University of Charleston Physician’s Assistant program to include programs geared toward either the pharmacy or physician’s assistant specialties. Interprofessional education was emphasized in activities such as simulation labs and mock patient consultations where the expertise of both professions were utilized in effectively caring for the patient. Activities that are familiar favorites such as compounding of menthol-camphor ointment with Dr. Aymen Shatnawi and IV sterile compounding with Ms. Condee were included in the action packed schedule of ExRx 2017. Other activities included a medicinal plant walk through the Kanawha State Forest led by Dr. Mark Watson and Dr. Rebecca Linger as well as a mock pharmacy, a discussion on the history of pharmacy (who would have guessed that the satisfyingly delicious Dr. Pepper was formulated in Waco, Texas by pharmacist Charles Alderton in 1885) and the discussion of the travelogue of a tablet through the human body. Each day was concluded with a fun activity such as an ice cream social, s’mores on the riverbank, and the signature escape rooms in UC’s Russell and Martha Wehrle Innovation Center.


The expanding impact of ExRx Bootcamp was not only recognized through cooperation with the UC PA program to provide a greater focus on the healthcare team working interprofessionally; there were a few campers who, through the overall experience throughout the week, now plan to pursue careers in either pharmacy or the physician’s assistant program at the University of Charleston. A young lady from this year’s camp demonstrated her desire to attend the School of Pharmacy by wishing to apply early decision this summer! She explained how the camp activities solidified her passion of studying pharmacy as a proud Golden Eagle. Her first inclination to pursue pharmacy at UCSOP was after she had informed the camp staff about her lack of transportation to campus from the bus stop where she would be arriving. One of the counselors volunteered to pick her up from the bus stop on the morning of camp when the camper would arrive. The fact that the counselor had taken the time and effort to provide transportation had led her to see that there is a genuine compassion and selfless dedication to the betterment of one’s well being at the University of Charleston that is seldom found at other schools.


Below are the videos created by P2 Fellows students and Summer Interns that serve as a visual understanding of the interaction of the campers with their designated counselor and fellow campers.


(Videos will be uploaded when blog post is approved.)





It can be expected that the best is yet to come for ExRx 2018. Updates for the camp will be posted on the UCSOP website beginning Spring 2018, so continue to stay connected!






Camp counselors with head supervisor Ms. Jamie Bero and proud mascot Mo Harv



Campers tested their skills in a mock pharmacy.



Campers were all smiles during the interprofessional simulation lab.