UCSOP American Pharmacist Month Blog Series

During October 2016, University of Charleston School of Pharmacy students enrolled in our History of Pharmacy elective will contribute blog postings on vaccine development and historical figures and pioneers in medicine and pharmacy who helped make immunizations against disease possible. The posts will approach the subject of vaccine development from a historical perspective but will also share how groundbreaking developments of the past, impact prevention of disease in the 21st Century.

The course, led by Dr. Susan Gardner, assistant professor and assistant dean for professional and student affairs, focuses on the study of t medical and pharmaceutical research and development from the ancient times to the current day.

Questions about the course or the month’s blog postings can be directed to Dr. Gardner via email: susangardner@ucwv.edu.

We also encourage you to visit: http://www.historyofvaccines.org/node/2281 if you are interested in learning more regarding the history of vaccines.


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