The Rho Chi Society- The Academic Honor Society

During the month of April, UCSOP will be featuring our many student organizations. At UCSOP, we believe that co-curricular experiences (outside the classroom) allow our students to practice their pharmacy skills and serve our communities. 100% of our student body is a member of at least one organization and our students participate in over 25 community health fairs each year serving over 5,000 patients.

rhochiThe Rho Chi Society has been established as the honor society for the field of pharmacy. It has its origins in the merging of two honor societies, both established in 1917, one at the University of Michigan (the Aristolochite Society) and the other within the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties. Through the leadership of the Conference and the dedication of students at the University of Michigan, the two groups established the bylaws and governing documents of the Society and on May 19, 1922, the Aristolochite Society was renamed the Rho Chi Society. The Society added chapters at schools of Pharmacy that were members of the Conference and within five years, eight chapters were established across the United States. In 1947, the Society became a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.

The vision of The Rho Chi Society is to “seek to advance pharmacy through intellectual leadership.”1 Our mission as a professional organization is to encourage and recognize intellectual development in the pharmacy profession.  We plan to do this by stimulating curiosity in pharmacy academics and encourage students to explore information beyond the classroom.  We promote the highest ethical standards through interaction with other students, professors, professionals, and the public.  Our end goal is to contribute to the development of intellectual leaders. Our purpose as members of Rho Chi Society is to “adhere to and promote the highest ideals in pharmacy, both scientific and cultural.”1


Dr. Rebecca Linger, the Delta Lambda chapter advisor.

Membership to the Rho Chi Society is by invitation only and is awarded to only few professional/graduate students in pharmacy or faculty members of schools of pharmacy.  These select few are those who distinguish themselves by academic and professional achievements and also desire the mission and vision of Rho Chi Society.  Membership is obtained by invitation only.  University of Charleston School of Pharmacy represents the Delta Lambda chapter in the Mid-Atlantic region III.  The chapter advisor is Dr. Rebecca Linger.  New members of the chapter are initiated annually in a formal ceremony.

Aims and functions of the society not only include reward for outstanding scholarly attainment, but membership also encourages and stimulates outstanding scholarship.  Welcoming into the society is the highest achievement that is only offered to a select few.

The Delta Lambda chapter of the Rho Chi Society at University of Charleston School of Pharmacy participates in tutoring of fellow classmates.  During Fall 2015, tutoring has been offered for Biochemistry, Immunology, Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacy Law, and Pharmacotherapy.  Our chapter also has an annual presentation named “How to Succeed in Pharmacy School.”  This has become a traditional for four years.  This presentation offers study tips and encourages new students to push themselves to perform at the level of professionals within the classroom.

Membership into Rho Chi allows its members to develop their teaching skills by participating in the tutoring service.  Teaching and mentoring are invaluable skills that benefit future managers, residents, and staff pharmacists.  Members of Rho Chi are future professional and academic leaders beyond graduation.  Rho Chi also offers its Members honor cords during the graduation ceremony.

For further information on Rho Chi, please visit the national website:


 The Rho Chi Society (2013). Retrieved from

 Contributed by: Anojinie Karunathilake (Rho Chi member, class of 2017) and George Copenhaver (Rho Chi president, class of 2016).

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