PCAT Prep and Resources

CaptureAs you are preparing for your entry into pharmacy school, you will need to take the Pharmacy College Aptitude Test (PCAT). Most schools of pharmacy require this test, and many schools require a particular score for admission.

The PCAT contains six sections: writing, reading comprehension, verbal ability, biology, chemistry, and quantitative ability.

  1. The Writing section is timed for 30 minutes and includes one writing topic where you are asked to address conventions of language and problem solving
  2. The Verbal Ability section is timed for 25 minutes and includes analogies and sentence completions
  3. The Biology section is timed for 35 minutes and covers general biology, microbiology, and human anatomy and physiology
  4. The Chemistry section is timed for 35 minutes and covers general chemistry, organic chemistry, and basic biochemistry
  5. The Reading Comprehension section is timed for 50 minutes and includes 6 passages and covers comprehension, analysis and evaluation
  6. The Quantitative Ability section is timed for 45 minutes and covers basic math, algebra, probability and statistics, pre-calculus and calculusCapture

Electronic resources to assist you with preparing for the PCAT exam:

Highly Rated PCAT prep books:

Mobile Apps:

  • My PCAT. This Apple application is designed to help prepare for the computer-based PCAT covering topics in PCAT specific subjects. Cost: $18.99
  • PCAT prep for Android. This android application has over 1100 detailed flashcards.
  • McGraw Hill PCAT prep. This application has over 1000 copyrighted questions, 10 diagnostic tests, over 100 pages of review material including 50 top strategies for test day, and a PCAT study plan. Cost $34.99

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