SNPhA Region I & II Conference Coming to Charleston

max your potential_logo.jpgOn behalf of the University of Charleston school of Pharmacy SNPhAmily, Our SNPhA chapter would like to welcome every pharmacy student and pharmacist to the city of Charleston and the 2016 region I & II conference. It is with great honor to have the opportunity to host the next SNPhA regional conference and introduce you to the beautiful city of Charleston, WV. As every pharmacy student and pharmacist take part in making the pharmacy profession, the healthcare system and community better, we hope this will be an opportunity for each pharmacy student to learn, connect, and most importantly, “Maximize your Potential.”

The conference will be taking place at the Marriot Town Center in downtown Charleston. Shuttles will be provided by the hotel in terms of requests to pick up students or pharmacists from the airport. Motivational speakers, Dr. Mordecai Brownlee and Dwayne Bryant are looking forward to bringing out the best in every student pharmacist and pharmacist. In addition, our “Casino” themed party is sure to bridge the gap between professionals and students in a very welcoming atmosphere. Lastly, we are putting together workshops with a goal in mind to enrich every student’s mind about subjects that would contribute to their growth. There will be endless opportunity for everyone to perhaps meet their future boss or company and we encourage everyone to travel to the conference with their business cards, ready to connect. And although this conference may be mostly geared towards pharmacy students, another portion of the conference is also designed with CEs to encourage every pharmacist in the field to continue being the best at patient care and continue to be informed in this forever-changing healthcare world.

We have worked effortlessly for the past few months to put together the most beneficial workshops, socials events, and CE’s to allow all pharmacy students and pharmacists to learn and share something new. We hope everyone will take the time to fully participate in all events and will be able to take away something significant and memorable to make the world, as future and current pharmacists, a better place to live in.

We are truly excited to see you all on April 1st -3rd in Charleston at the Marriot Town Center Hotel and we look forward to meeting, mingling, and learning with all of you. 

To register for the conference, click here. Attendees registered for the conference can book a room at the Marriott Town Center (where the conference is taking place) by calling and mentioning the SNPhA Conference: 304-345-6500 or 1-800-228-9290.

About SNPhA

SNPhA, the Student National Pharmaceutical Association, is a group of educated pharmacy students, concerned about pharmacy, healthcare issues and the poor minority representation in healthcare. As a result, we are known to “serve the underserved.” Our mission is to plan, organize, and execute programs directed towards the improvement of health, education and social environment of the community.

Every year, SNPhA National gives through competition, an opportunity to two of their school chapters in regions across the country the privilege to be the host of one of the most meaningful experiences as pharmacy students. The SNPhA regional conference is an event for every pharmacy students and pharmacists to learn, grow and connect in the outside, all to ultimately forge great and knowledgeable pharmacists. This year, the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy was chosen to host the Region I & II conference in April 2016.

Contributed by: Loic Noubossie, Class of 2018, SNPhA President

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