Pharmacy School Reflections from Grant Henck (Class of 2019)

Henck_GrantWalking into orientation knowing that this is an amazing achievement that I have worked so hard for. So, obviously I was nervous when I first arrived for orientation, knowing that these initial impressions I make will affect my path here for the next four years.  However, the entire faculty I met was very open and kind, reassuring me every step of the way that I could have a great experience here.  And so far, they have been right.  I have had a great experience through pharmacy school so far, and I will break down my experience into academics, faculty relationships, peer evaluation, and extra-curricular activities.

The main purpose that I am here is to be trained to be an effective pharmacist, and an extremely important aspect in that training is the people around me.  This includes faculty, staff, residents, and especially my fellow students.  With all of these categories I am extremely pleased, the teachers do genuinely go out of their way to help.  For example, I have met with all of my professors outside of class with questions; all of them took the necessary time to answer all my questions. The students in my class are focused on the goal of becoming a pharmacist, and willing to help with any other student possible.  It did take a little time, but once we got to know each other we have become a family.

As far as the in class aspect, the material has been tough but fair.  I felt that every exam I have adequately prepared myself for I have done well on.  For me this is so important, because at the graduate level I was worried if I had what it took to succeed.  Now with the success I have had already has given the confidence that I can be successful in pharmacy school.

Outside of class I have been involved in flag football and Ultimate Frisbee which is awesome.  There was also a group dinner before the U.C. vs. Concord football game.  Unfortunately, I had a big test the next day and wasn’t able to attend, but I am excited that Im involved with a school that even with all going on we still have fun together, and have that much needed down time with each other to further solidify that bond as a family.

In conclusion, I am extremely happy with my experience at UCSOP so far, the people, classes, faculty, and even the extra-curricular activates have this experience great.  As I continue and eventually graduate, I hope that I feel this way about UCSOP in its entirety.

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