Pharmacy School Reflections: Hailey Price (Class of 2019)

Hailey Price, Class of 2019

Hailey Price, Class of 2019

Coming into my P1 year has been quite the experience. I was very anxious and nervous coming in, but now that has changed. I had heard from other student pharmacists about their experiences, but I just did not know what to expect for myself. I just finished up my fourth week of classes and I feel as if I have already learned so much in so little time. I definitely feel as if my time here at the school of pharmacy is going to be amazing!

My advice for those going into this profession is that studying is the key. People do not lie when they say you need to study everyday. You receive a pretty good amount of information from your professors’ daily, and if you do not study or review it everyday you can fall behind very quickly. Also, my advice is to get to know your classmates, because these people are going through the same experience with you. It is better to have a great support system and help each other through the way. Lastly, I would say to just enjoy your time here. Time flies by when you are having fun and learning.

Graduate school is so much more different from undergraduate than I expected. The pace is a hundred times faster and exams happen more frequently than I was used to. I’ve also learned how to adjust my study habits. I found that the way I studied in undergraduate does not work out for pharmacy school. Coming in, I did not really know the different fields of pharmacy. I had heard of a few, but I was amazed at how many different options pharmacists have other than just working retail or in a hospital.

My experience has been a great one so far. I’ve made so many new friends just in my short time being here. Not only have I begun building relationships with my fellow classmates, but also I have even been able to starting building friendships with the upperclassmen. I feel like I’ve known my professors forever, and I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years has in store for my time here at the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy.

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