Celebrate American Pharmacists Month with UCSOP!

APhM_Twitter_IconFor a comprehensive list of UCSOP’s October events, please view: American Pharmacists Month Activities 2015

October is American Pharmacists Month! Sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), October is the month to advocate for the profession of pharmacy and the important role of the pharmacist.

APhA encourages all members of the pharmacy profession to participate in American Pharmacists Month, and has community outreach ideas available for established pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. The UCSOP is fully embracing American Pharmacists Month, and has events planned all month long. Events range from online webinars on financial advice, to a Halloween costume contest. Casual events are planned, such as the numerous dress down days, but there are also many community outreach based events, such as the Women’s Edge Health Fair and the AAPS Cystic Fibrosis Event.

Month long UCSOP events include supporting Medicine Bottles for Malawi, which provides Malawi’s rural hospitals and villages with recycled medicine bottles to keep their medicines clean, out of reach of children, and safe to use. There will also be History of Pharmacy blog posts throughout the month. The blog posts will highlight an important American pharmacist, honoring those who have contributed to pharmacy- past and present. These posts are contributed by Dr. Gardner’s PHAR 546: History of Pharmacy class.

National American Pharmacists Month events include a fundraiser campaign for APhA Foundation’s Pharmacists Care Campaign, which supports the Foundation’s mission to improve people’s health through pharmacists’ patient care services. For every $30 donation, a personalized marker will be displayed on the lawn of APhA Headquarters during the week of October 19, 2015. Also, Pharmacy Times is running a social media event over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Followers are encouraged to recognize their most valued pharmacists by using #ThankAPharmacist and @Pharmacy_Times, creating awareness for America’s favorite pharmacists. Pharmacy Times will recognize 10 of the posts in their November publication.

No matter your position in the pharmacy community, be sure to advocate for the pharmacy profession and get involved in American Pharmacists Month. And, don’t forget National Pharmacy Technician day on October 20th!


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