Community Immunization Awareness at the UCSOP

On August 29th, Christelle Ngatchou, a P2 at the UCSOP, celebrated National Immunization Awareness month by planning and coordinating an immunization event with her peers at the UCSOP. The event was designed to share the advantages of vaccinations. Working with the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA), and the West Virginia Immunization Network, the event was successful and allowed UCSOP pharmacy students to educate the community, and advocate for the pharmacy profession.

The event included vaccine poster presentations and allowed student pharmacists to share the advantages of vaccines to the community. Each student who participated was fully engaged with the public.


“As health care providers, pharmacists have the ability to provide immunizations as long as they have completed all training and requirements enforced by the Board of Pharmacy. Those include training provided by the American Pharmacists’ Association (APhA), holding a current life support-training certificate as CPR, and a current immunization permit. On May 17 2015, the West Virginia Legislature passed the rule of adding the meningococcal vaccine to be administered by pharmacists. Thus the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy updated its list of immunizations, which includes the influenza, pneumococcal, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, herpes-Zoster, tetanus diphtheria, and now the meningococcal vaccines.”

-Christelle Ngatchou (Class of 2018)


IMG_2148Thanks to the  UCSOP Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA), and the West Virginia Immunization Network, the August event was successful in increasing the awareness about immunizations for the Charleston community. Other opportunities will be organized in the future to educate the public such as for the Flu season.


Although, the month of August was National Immunization awareness month, our UCSOP students know that it’s important to continue educating the community about the prevention of diseases all year long! Be sure to check back for future events–including flu immunizations in the future!

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