UCSOP’s Phi Delta Chi Chapter Receives Two National Awards


Paige White (Beta Kappa Chapter), Jenny Long (P3, Worthy Chief Counselor), Byron Magedanz (P4, former Worthy Chief Counselor), and Domonique Dobson (P2, Worthy Master at Arms) at Grand Council

The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy’s (USCOP) Phi Delta Chi chapter was awarded two awards at the 70th Grand Council this year. Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmacy fraternity that emphasizes community service, leader-development, and a strong sense of brotherhood for its members, boasting strong community service involvement and a large networking base around the country. The Grand Council is a conference that is held every other year, the most recent Grand Council taking place this past August 4-8th in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Worthy Master of Arms, Domonique Dobson (P2) and Worthy Chief Counselor, Jenny Long (P3) attended Grand Counsel in August 2015.

Jenny Long, a P3 and the Worthy Chief Counselor of the UCSOP Phi Delta Chi Chapter, attended Grand Council this year, had this to say about the event:

Over 600 collegiate and alumni brothers attended the Grand Council to participate in general business meetings, officer training courses, St. Jude’s bowling fundraisers, Continuing Education opportunities, and the chance to meet brothers from other chapters around the country. Grand Council is also when national award winners are announced. My favorite part of Grand Council was getting the chance know brothers from all over the country. It is truly the ultimate fraternal experience. Working with other brothers to make national policy changes to better the fraternity as a whole was also a highlight of my week because I was able to witness over 600 brothers working together to meet a common goal.


The UCSOP’s Phi Delta Chi Chapter was awarded the 100% Achievement Award, a program involving submission of several chapter reports. The program aims to promote correspondence with the national office, improving Chapters’ relations with alumni Brothers, and encourages communication between Chapters. Chapters who receive the 100% Achievement Award are considered outstanding chapters that are exceptional in upholding the ideals of Phi Delta Chi.

UCSOP’s Phi Delta Chi Chapter was also awarded the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute (PLEI) Leaders in Action Scholarship while at Grand Council. This award was given to one chapter per region, and the winners were selected based on their leadership not only in Phi Delta Chi, but in the pharmacy profession as a whole. Photos of the UCSOP chapter included Brothers participating in health fairs, tutoring, and presenting their own posters at Mid-Year. The winning photos will be used on the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute website.

Contributed by: Isabella White, blogger and UCSOP Graduate Intern.

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