UCSOP Garners National Attention Once More!

The National Consumers League and its partners have released the results from the Script Your Future campaign, and UCSOP is once again on the national platform! If you are currently involved with the school of pharmacy, or have been following this blog for the last few months, you are probably aware of all the efforts that have gone into this medication adherence campaign. Our students and faculty worked tirelessly throughout the months of January and February to help patients pledge they would work on their medication adherence. Students created a commercial shown on local TV, hosted over a dozen health fairs, and handed out hundreds of wallet cards fliers. In the end, the school got pledges from hundreds of people, and reached over 300,000 individuals in total.

untitledNow that the results are in, however, we can see that the hours  and days of preparation have paid off. The school was nationally recognized as an Honorable Mention for the National Award and received the Health Disparity, Under-represented Community Outreach National Award. UCSOP was recognized for following its mission statement and focusing on serving populations that may not have access to good, quality healthcare. These types of communities aren’t always the focus of healthcare as they don’t bring big numbers or profits, but they often require the most help. The school stayed true to its mission and focused on helping these individuals get the information they need.

This award was made possible thanks to The Script Your Future committee, including committee chair John Robinson and faculty advisors Dr. Susan Gardner and Professor Melissa Garrett Jensen. Thanks to their efforts, as well as multiple faculty members and students, UCSOP now has a 2015 National Award Honorable Mention and 2015 Health Disparity Community Outreach National Award to hang beside the 2013 National Award. Let’s continue the efforts into the next year and hopefully bring home the National Award once more!

Contributed by Peter Relvas (P4)

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