A Look Back at UC’s Summer EPiC Camp: An Intern’s Perspective

A Look Bak at the University of Charleston’s Camp EPiC 2014: A Student Intern’s Perspective

by, Morgan Jacobs, UCSOP, Office of Professional & Student Affairs Summer Intern 2014 & 2014 Graduate of Bethany College

The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy and UC healthcare professional schools hosted their first Camp EPIC, Exploring Professions in health Care, during the week of June 22, 2014. The week long camp was funded by a WV Higher Education Policy Commission grant, which allowed thirty West Virginia high school students to explore different career paths in healthcare. The goal was to hopefully influence them to pursue their education, beyond high school, in the healthcare field.

Throughout the week, the students were provided with active learning opportunities and knowledge from various healthcare professionals. They also got the chance to participate in service activities at local nursing homes, as well as entertaining activities, such as ointment making, medicinal plant walks, and a photo scavenger hunt.

 Sunday, June 22– The campers arrived for check-in on Sunday afternoon! They each got paired with a roommate and got to spend the week staying in UC’s dorms to get an idea of what college dorm life is really like! Once everyone was settled, the parents were invited to stay with their camper for the opening session, where the rules and conduct expected of the week were outlined, as well as an overview of all the fun that would be taking place throughout the camp! Dinner was then served in the cafeteria, which is where the campers ate the majority of their EPICmeals through the week. After, the campers got to sit in on an Intro to College presentation where they were presented with information about college, such as financial aid and the admissions process. Afterwards, the campers and their counselors competed in a photo scavenger hunt where they had to take a group photo with the various items on the list around UC’s campus. To finish up the first day of camp, an ice cream social was held so the campers could get to know each other and their counselors!nd —EIPC Sunday

Monday, June 23— The first full day of camp kicked off with a College 101 session where UC SOP interns shared their college experiences and the do’s and don’ts they encountered during their college years. The campers were able to interact and ask questions they had about college. The rest of the day was spent at CAMC-General, where the campers got to interact with physicians and experience the simulations available at the hospital. The campers were able to get a hands-on experience with starting IVs, virtual surgery, and ear and eye scopes. They also didn’t come away empty handed! Each camper got to participate in CPR training and walked away CPR certified with a certificate to prove it! But the fun didn’t stop there! That evening, the campers were divided into two groups. Group B went to Charleston Gardens and got to interact with the patients, while group A attended Uncork and Create (don’t worry, nothing was “uncorked” except some sparkling grape juice!) and paint awesome pictures of the state of WV!

UCC Monday

Tuesday, June 24— On Tuesday, the campers spent the day on UC’s campus visiting different classrooms used by the professional schools. They started off their morning in the athletic training room, learning to tape ankles and wrists and about the different career options in athletic training. For lunch, everyone attended a cookout on the UC riverfront lawn and participated in some fun relay races like the sac and three-legged race. After lunch, the campers attended sessions about occupational therapy, radiology, and dentistry and all the different things each profession has to offer. That evening was spent similar to Monday’s, except group A attended Edgewood Summit to sit down and interact with the patients, while group B got their chance to be artists at Uncork and Create.

Wednesday, June 25— Wednesday was in my opinion, the best day, Pharmacy Day! The day started by introducing the campers to the many career paths in pharmacy. Following that, the students got the chance to make an ointment with Mr. Remirez and IVs with Ms. Condee! After lunch, the campers were taken to the SOP’s mock pharmacy, PharmUC, and got to 

role play pharmacist/patient scenarios. During a healthy snack break, the campers listened to a presentation about nutrition. Even though it rained, it didn’t stop the campers from having a blast spending their evening at Kanawha State Forest participating in a medicinal plant nature walk with Dr. Linger!

Thursday, June 26Sutures Thurday— Thursday was all about nursing and physician assisting! The campers started out the day in UC’s PA school discussing what a PA is and their daily life. Many of them had never heard of a PA and found the profession to be very interesting. They spent the remainder of the morning doing a Q&A with PA students and participating in a skills lab. After lunch, it was time for nursing! The campers were able participate in assessment, skill, and simulation labs with the UC School of Nursing, and sit down and have a Q&A on the profession. Since it was the last night of camp, the campers spent the evening with pizza and a movie to just relax and enjoy some down time.

Friday, June 27— The last day of camp started with a game of Jeopardy to see what the campers had learned throughout the week. The different categories contained questions from all the different professions the students were introduced to over the course of the week. After that, Ms. Condee and the pharmacy faculty introduced the campers to “Stan,” the SOP’s simulation model and taught the proper way to use an EpiPen and inhaler. To bring camp to a close, Dr. Reardon presented a photo slideshow he had created documenting the week’s activities while everyone celebrated with cake! 

Last Day

Not only did the campers enjoy everything the camp had to offer, the counselors, faculty, and staff also enjoyed the opportunity to educate the campers on all the healthcare field has to offer. The week went by so quickly! It must be true that “time flies when you’re having fun!” Overall, we hope throughout the week we were able to introduce the campers to a field they could see themselves practicing in the future.






Special thanks…

First, to the WV Higher Education Policy Commission for providing us with a grant, without which the camp would not have been possible.

To all the campers who came near and far to spend the week with us and see all the awesome stuff healthcare professions have to offer!


To the P1 and P2 students who came and dedicated their week to helping out with the camp! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Lastly, to the SOP faculty who dedicated countless hours to planning months in advance so the camp could go off without a hitch!

Last Day Cake


**The faculty and staff of the UCSOP would like to thank Morgan and her fellow summer interns, Hailey Price, Rebecca Hilleary and Joshua Holmes for their work with the EPiC Camp this summer**

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