Phi Delta Chi Chapter Established at UCSOP

Contributed by Amy E. Stewart
Worthy Vice Counselor, Phi Delta Chi
Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2016
University of Charleston School of Pharmacy

The UC School of Pharmacy Gamma Chi Chapter of the national Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity was officially established on January 25, 2014. Phi Delta Chi was originally founded at University of Michigan on November 2, 1883. The fraternity began as men only, but has since evolved to accept male and female members, all to be called brothers. Phi Delta Chi has a mission to develop leaders to advance the profession of pharmacy. The fraternity promotes scholastic, professional and social growth in all brothers. With 86 active chapters throughout the US, Phi Delta Chi brothers can be found anywhere you go.PHI DEX2

Phi Delta Chi is the only Greek social organization within the UC SOP. We currently have 40 initiated brothers, 12 of which were just initiated on April 12, 2014. Our traditions and activities are far different from any of the other organizations on campus. Of course we have an academic and pharmacy focus, but we also strive to promote brotherhood among all of our members through frequent social events. Some social events that we have held in the past include, bowling nights, pot lucks, and a white elephant Christmas party.


PHIDEX3To our brothers, the creation of our Phi Delta Chi chapter not only represented an outstanding leadership opportunity, but also a chance to bring a unity among the various classes and develop strong, lifelong relationships with our peers and other professionals. The friendships and bonds that we have created within the fraternity are like having an extended family. The love and support that we have for one another will truly last a lifetime!


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