Fitness Opportunities in and around the UCSOP!

Spring and sunshine make it much easier to be active and get outdoors. Walking, running, hiking, fishing, and cycling seem to be happening all around us! It seems as if everyone is buzzing with activity, And, the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy is no exception! Here at the UCSOP, we focus on fitness and wellness year-round!

Fitness Center: All UCSOP student pharmacists receive a free membership to the on-campus Morrison Fitness Center located near the Eddie King Gymnasium on our beautiful riverbank. The Fitness Center is open extended hours including early morning and late evening making it a snap to squeeze in some workout time!

Morris Fitness Center Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 6 AM- 10 PM
  • Friday 6 AM-6 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday 12 noon- 6 PM

Free yoga and Zumba classes are also offered during the semester at the Fitness Center.

Intramural Sports: The University of Charleston offers intramural basketball, flag football, soccer, and broomball. For more information about intramural sports, please contact Grant Brinson at 304-357-4745.

Wellness Incentive: The UCSOP also offers a Wellness Incentive each semester to student pharmacists, faculty and staff. The three categories of the School of Pharmacy wellness initiative are:

  • A Biggest Loser Challenge (weekly weigh in)
  • A Weekly Challenge (fill in a weekly Google document if you participated). These weekly challenges are announced at the beginning of the semester and re-emphasized each week
  • Fitness Minutes (fill in a weekly Google document with  your total fitness minutes each Friday the previous week)

Winners of these challenges are announced at the End-of-Semester Convocation. Student pharmacists winning the challenges receive a $100 check!

Fall 2013 Wellness Incentive Fun Facts:

  • Fall semester participants accumulated 46,019 fitness minutes
  • Only 310 minutes separated fall semester’s fitness minutes student winner from the runner up (5 hours and 10 minutes over the course of twelve weeks)
  • Fall semester had 35 participants in the fitness minutes incentive and 28 participants in the weekly challenge incentive
  • A Zumbathon was held during the Fall Semester and had over 30 participants and raised nearly $200 for juvenile diabetes.
Vivian Ugboh (P2)

Vivian Ugboh (P2)

Wellness Committee: The Pharmacy Student Governance Association also has a wellness committee as a way to encourage fitness throughout the year. Wellness Chairs for 2013-14 are Ms. Vivian Ugboh and Ms. Sara Watson both representing the Class of 2016. Below are a few fun fitness tips from Vivian you might want to consider as you work toward your own fitness goals.

  • “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”
  • “Live by making healthy choices and not by restrictions.”
  • “It’s not always about being fit, it’s about being healthy.”
  • “In Zumba there are no wrong moves, only accidental solos.”
  • “Zumba is a fabulous, fun way to dance your pounds away.”
  • “The only bad workout is the one that did not happen, every little movement counts.”

Local Fitness Studios: In addition to on-campus opportunities there are number of fitness facilities and centers off campus. Below is a list of some of the most popular work-out hang-outs in Charleston.

Fitness Tips from Ms. Jamie Bero, Director of Student Affairs, UCSOP

  • Consult with your health care provider before starting a fitness program
  • Pick something you like
  • Schedule it into your day
  • Work out for at least 30 minutes every day… work up to 60 minutes most days
  • Let others know, you’ll have a support group
  • Wear appropriate gear: shoes, sports bra, layers, etc.
  • Set goals
  • Eat a balanced diet (
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Don’t  skip breakfast or other meals
  • Don’t skimp on sleep; 7-8 hours a day is recommended

    Jamie Bero, Director of Student Affairs UC SOP

    Jamie Bero, Director of Student Affairs UC SOP

There are many opportunities to get fit and be active at the University of Charleston and in the surrounding community. You may also want to check out a few parks nearby that are great for walking, running, hiking, swimming an cycling. Be sure to visit Coonskin Park ( and Kanawha State Forest ( And within a few hours drive (or less) there’s white water rafting, zip lining, and canoeing as well. If you are active and love the outdoors, there are many opportunities on campus and nearby to get out and get fit!

One thought on “Fitness Opportunities in and around the UCSOP!

  1. I might add that Kanawha City is a great place in which to run. Flat residential streets coupled with the ability to run hills in South Hills, on Quarry Creek, or up Mt. Alpha give you an endless variety of safe routes.

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