CPFI Chapter Receives National Award

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) won the national student Chapter of the Year for the 2012-2013 school year.  They also received the UCSOP Organization of the Year.  During the October 29, 2013 convocation, the group received their award from a national representative of CPFI. 

Congratulations CPFI!


UCSOP faculty member Dr. Michelle Herdman interviewed Adam Brumfield, and Adam provided some information about CPFI’s mission and activities. Adam was President of the UCSOP CPFI chapter during the 2012-13 school year, and will be serving as Vice President of the student chapter and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director in 2013-2014. Allison Richmond is UCSOP chapter president for the 2013-2014 school year. Dr. Shelley Schliesser (not pictured) is the faculty advisor for the chapter.

Dr. Herdman: What does it mean to you for your student chapter of CPFI to be given the national Chapter of the Year award?

Adam B: This is a tremendous honor and I share it with the members who were instrumental in making this year so successful for CPFI. They truly showed what it means to integrate faith into the pharmacy practice. God has truly blessed our organization and I am very proud of what we have accomplished.

Dr. Herdman: What do you find the most rewarding about being an officer in CPFI?

Adam: It is very rewarding to be an officer in an organization that not only helps develop my leadership skills, but also allows me to integrate my Christian faith into the pharmacy practice.

Dr. Herdman: What will CPFI be up to this coming school year?

Adam B: CPFI will once again be hosting Brown Bag events and participating at health fairs. We will also have our annual Fall Treat Bags, Adopt-an-Angel, Operation Inspiration, and Easter Egg Hunt.

The mission of CPFI is to serve Christ and the world through pharmacy. Our chapter strives to meet this mission in every way possible. CPFI is known for providing Brown Bag events at local churches where we counsel patients on their medications, offer blood pressure screenings, and provide blood glucose monitoring. CPFI also partners with Charleston Homeless and Street Medicine to help homeless individuals. Our members go on rounds and we have several fundraisers to support their work. During finals week, CPFI publishes inspirational quotes and Bible verses that are sent out to the students. During Easter, we place Bible verses in Easter eggs for students, faculty, and staff to find. CPFI is also active with Operation Christmas Child and Adopt-an-Angel. It is important for our organization to share our mission with others in these simple ways. Last August, our chapter hosted the CPFI Student National Retreat, which garnered members from six different schools of pharmacy. Some of our CPFI members were even able to serve on a medical mission that went to Haiti over Spring Break (we will read about this in a later blog post!). This was a great opportunity for our chapter to integrate faith into practice on an international level. CPFI works hard all year long to meet our mission and our efforts are noticeable in the community. CPFI impacts many lives and as an organization we will continue to work hard to keep this tradition alive.

UCSOP Students Learn to Walk in Their Patients’ Shoes in the First Year

1st Year Pharmacy IPPE at UCSOP (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience)

During the first year of pharmacy school, students are involved in a Service Learning practice experience to work on their communication skills.  Each student is assigned to a facility that performs some type of medical care, such as a skilled nursing facility, an assisted living facility, a home health agency, etc.  During the visits to their site, the students learn to improve their communication skills while working with patients and members of the health care team.

Prior to the first site visit, the students have several classes covering a variety of topics, such as patient interview techniques, health literacy, interpersonal communication, and empathy.  Below are some photos of student participating in an empathy lab where activities simulate some hardships that are common in the elderly population.

Scott Williams practices walking with a walker. (Class of 2016)

Scott Williams

John Schuette

John Schuette is wearing glasses covered with tape to simulate cataracts. (Class of 2016)

Rachel Lemon

Rachel Lemon attempts to read a prescription label while wearing the “cataract” glasses. (Class of 2016)

Travis Cottle

Travis Cottle is wearing ear plugs to simulate hearing impairment. His fingers are taped together to simulate arthritis.

“The Empathy Lab provided a fascinating way to identify and understand another’s situation, feelings, and motives. Being able to empathize with the persons we come into contact with is so important for our future careers.”          ~Travis Cottle (Class of 2016)

During the semester, students are taught basic patient assessment skills that they can practice while at their rotations sites.  These include taking a pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

Group Blood Pressure

Students practicing their blood pressure technique on fellow students. (Class of 2015)

Byron Magedanz is testing Rachana Joshi’s blood sugar. (Class of 2016)

Byron Rachana

Dr. Monk is using the simulation mannequin to demonstrate a heart rhythm.  (Class of 2013 students)

Gannett mannequin