The White Coat Ceremony


Receiving the privilege to wear a pharmacist’s white coat in only the first year of pharmacy school was a shock for me. I didn’t expect to receive my actual white coat until graduation. Getting our white coats early sets you into that mentality that you are already considered a professional starting the moment you entered pharmacy school.

Attending the white coat ceremony was amazing! Most of the families of my colleagues were there, so it was pleasant to meet them. If my parents were to have come, I’m sure they would have been proud to see their daughter go up on stage and receive the universal symbol of a pharmacist, shake hands with the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, sign the Pledge of Professionalism and recite it as well. [Elainie is from Texas, so it was a little far for her family to travel!]

I feel accomplished that I closed a chapter in my life, which was undergraduate, and now I am starting the transition into graduate school.

Elainie Martinez (Class of 2017)

Congrats Class of 2017!


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