The Pharmacy Student Government Association

CelineOne of the unique facets of life at UC School of Pharmacy is the wide variety of involvement in our professional pharmacy organizations. The Pharmacy Student Government Association (PSGA) helps promote unity and effective community service among our organizations, providing exciting opportunities for outreach. Here are a few of the many available activities:

  • Mentoring for New Pharmacy Students…

The first year of pharmacy school can be very challenging and PSGA can provide help with the transition through the Mentorship Program. It pairs incoming students with experienced student mentors to give valuable insight into academics, professional opportunities, and even the local area. It is a great way to meet other students and boost success at UC.

  • Professional Growth Opportunities…IMG_3781

There are many volunteer opportunities at major events in our area, including Health Fairs, the Script Your Future Campaign Challenge, and West Virginia Pharmacist Day at the Legislature.  These events are amazing and help to build the skills necessary for the profession of pharmacy.

  • Athletics & Intramural Sports…

IMG_5602Pharmacy students can sign up for a PSGA Intramural Team and play volleyball, basketball, or flag football with other pharmacy students. Exercising with friends can reduce stress, help you stay fit, and keep your brain healthy.

  • Health & Wellness Events…

Every week at UC School of Pharmacy, there are healthy life challenges for Fitness Minutes, The Biggest Loser, and Wellness Initiatives. By competing in the challenges, you can earn points to win cash prizes at the end of the semester and feel great at the same time!

  • Something Fun for Everyone…

PSGA hosts social events throughout the year for entertainment, including Dress Down Day fundraisers, University of Charleston Homecoming events, Pharmacy Spring Formal, Finals Study Break activities, and more.  These events are always a highlight, bringing a sense of community and enjoyment for everyone!

hannahHannah Hutchinson is the PSGA President for the 2013-14 academic year.

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