The UCSOP Fellows Scholarship Program

Think that going to a private school is too expensive?  Think again!  The UCSOP Pharmacy Student Fellows Program offers top students fellowship funding along with invaluable experiences to improve their leadership skills.  Here is what one Fellow has to say about the program:

“The Fellows Program is a great way to be involved at UCSOP. One of the requirements is to help with some of the interview days and all the open houses, but these activities are very helpful for improving your leadership and communication skills. Volunteering at the interview days this last year has been a big help for me personally to work on my communication skills and interacting with new people. Another requirement for the Fellows Program is to keep your GPA at or above a 3.25. This may sound easy to some people, but I assure you it is difficult to manage but definitely achievable. The Fellows Program isn’t all work though. As a second year student you get to go to Washington D.C. to tour a few of the national pharmacy organization headquarters. Another requirement is to attend at least one of the state pharmacy conferences each year. Even though this is a requirement, it is enjoyable because it gives you the opportunity to attend meetings pertaining to events occurring in the pharmacy world and gives you the opportunity to meet pharmacists and pharmacy students from around the state.

If you have the opportunity to be a part of this program, I would recommend applying without hesitation.  Not only is the monetary portion of the scholarship beneficial, but the values and experience you will gain from being in the Fellows Program will help you throughout your time at UCSOP and later on in your career.

Sarah Bostic, Class of 2016

Fellows at APhA  boy scout jamboree Health Fair

So what is the UCSOP Pharmacy Fellows Program, and what how do I qualify?

  • The Fellows Program is a renewable fellowship opportunity that offers up to $15,000 annually to 10 students in the incoming pharmacy class.
  • These are students we have identified as having the potential for outstanding achievement and success in our program.
  • The minimum selection criteria are:
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater
    • PCAT composite of 50 or greater
    • Average interview scores of 18 or greater
    • Must attend an interview day at UCSOP by December
  • Selected students will be asked to submit an essay and complete a phone interview to finalize their application for the Fellows Program.
  • Students chosen as fellowship recipients will receive fellowship funding and participate in activities that:
    • Promote leadership skills and abilities
    • Involve the student in advocacy activities for the profession and patients
    • Allow the student to make significant contributions to the community, and
    • Provide the student a platform to effectively represent UCSOP and the profession of pharmacy

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